CoolBrothers provides both domestic and industrial fumigation services to various offices, commercial spaces, schools, estates, hotels, eateries, etc, to ensure a pest-free and a sterile environment using the best products that are environmentally friendly and harmless.

Our pest control service will ensure excellent results based on the use of appropriate chemicals that are environment-friendly, not hazardous to health but are targeted to kill pests such as flying/crawling insects, rodents, snakes, scorpions, etc, but measures would be taken to protect your house pets.

CoolBrothers is a provider of pest control services with a focus on an outstanding reputation for excellence and integrity.

By choosing CoolBrothers, you can be confident that your pests problems will be a thing of the past and your business premises will reflect the professional image you seek to project to your clients and employees.

Our capable team of specialists operates 24/7 without any excuse.


CoolBrothers fumigation services mission is to provide the most environmentally friendly pest control services completely trustworthy and professional manner. We exist to attract and maintain customers. The company values its employees to provide smart professional services, listens to the needs of its clients to do the job they need to be done, and responds to the demands of the environment, with much emphasis on an outstanding reputation for pride and integrity.


CoolBrothers ability to provide consistently high-quality services at a competitive cost is made possible by our deviation from the traditional form of pest control management where job supervision is overseen by various levels of management.

At CoolBrothers we have pioneered a program whereby our staff monitors your premise together with you and guarantee that your customized fumigations or cleaning schedule will be followed in an efficient, effective and professional manner. We feel that it not the quantity of supervisor that matters but the quality of the supervisor that counts.

CoolBrothers employee’s selection, employee training, and periodical inspections are to ensure that our services on your premises will meet your expectations.

CoolBrothers intend that our client’s premises are kept in a neat, clean and pest’s free condition at all times. The specification submitted herein will be considered the minimum requirement. If the level of fumigation or cleaning at any time is considered to be unacceptable, then CoolBrothers will adjust its staff to take the necessary measure to overcome the situation.